June 23, 2007 – Surprise Birthdat Party at 16,000 ft.

Doc chose to commemorate his 70th birthday with his family and friends on KilimanjaroOk, it is the 23rd of June and I am calling you from 16,000ft, at the special use campsite  that Berg Adventures has permition to use; very high on the route up to Stella Point, at the top of Kilimanjaro

Yesterday after I called you from the top of the Barranco Wally, we continued to push for a number of more hours. It was a very hard long day but everybody did very fine. Steve, Jackie and Nicholas came in last and Steve told me that he just didn’t prepare enough for this climb; he kept on talking over and over and he is kicking himself for not training harder.

Now that we are all together at the Karanga Camp, Jackie had brought some party implements to have a little surprise party for Doc. This is his 70th year, his birthday was back in march but that’s part of the celebration of this whole climb is all about. It is Doc’s 70th year back in Kilimanjaro.

We had great fun with this staff, we had some non alcoholic champagne, to toast Doc’s successful 7th decade.                      

Steve is already back in Arusha meeting with the next team who is going to start up Kilimanjaro tomorrow and is giving them some precious tipsToday Steve decided to head down with Nicholas; head back and get ready to meet Susan, his wife and the rest of the team  as they show up for safari.  He feels like the mountain was bigger than him this time and we support him on that decision. He and Nicholas just called me and it is already 4 in the afternoon and they left the Kilimanjaro Park gate at Mweka and they are in the car heading back to Arusha right now.

The rest of us are settling down for a cold night’s rest. We are going to Stella Point tomorrow and we are looking forward to reporting hopefully from the very top of Kilimanjaro, in the crater, sometime tomorrow. 

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