Leila and Rob setting the pace

February 28, 2006 – From Moir to Lava Tower Camp

[Dispatch by Frank Reesor]

Frank on the satellite phoneIt’s Frank Reesor calling from Mount Kilimanjaro and I am at Lava Tower Camp.  We walked here today from the Moir Camp through mostly lava boulders, some small, many large, up and over what ever the case may be.  You had to watch yourself going downhill just as much as trying to get over some of the boulders.  Along the route we could look back across the Shira Plateau and at the Shira Ridge we could see across the vast plain.  That plain by the way is very, very green in comparison to what we are going through now because there are very few plants.

Across the plateau however every now and then we could see little lizards, not the big types, these are only about 6 inches long but would be ideal for some educational purposes and I imagine they would look good inside a small rectangular tank in the school classroom.

Laura with her wonderful smile

I think that today we climbed among the clouds and at one point when the clouds came in the temperature dropped from 14 degrees C to 4 degrees C in a matter of minutes.  You have to be prepared for all kinds of weather and the higher we get the colder it’s getting.  When we arrived at camp today the rains came and were steady for a half hour and then it cleared, warmed up and then started to rain again.

I think that is all that I have to say at this point and time.  You keep wishing us a good trip and we’ll get to the top hopefully.

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[dispatch by Wally Berg]

Ljerka on the trailWell it’s the last day of February, the 28th and the Feed Nova Scotia team has reached new heights, we made it all the way to 15,000 feet (4570m) at the Lava Tower Camp.  Babu left a dispatch a little while ago, I hope it came through.  He described perfectly what our walk was like today from Moir through the wildly strewn lava rocks and boulders and the amazing dry zone vegetation as we climb higher on the side of Kilimanjaro.

Right now I’m looking up at the Penck Glacier which is shaped like a big upside down U and I’m looking off to my right to the giant and imposing breach wall and the huge glacier spilling off the breach wall.  There are clouds swirling about, and this is in a really beautiful and inspiring place.

The team is doing great and we are half way you might say.  We are 8 nights on the mountain before we finally spend our last night in the forest after our summit day and this is our fourth night.  We are into a rhythm of a good life with our guides, staff, cook and porters.  We are a team that gets along well together and this is the best part of the trip in my opinion.  We’re getting strong and fit, we know the big summit push is ahead and the beauty of this mountain is something we can enjoy each day.

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