February 27, 2006 – Jeremy and Rob are the Team's New Newscasters

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Rob Dunn

Hi, it’s Rob Dunn and Jeremy King calling from the Scott Fisher camp at 12,800 feet (3900m).  We just walked across the Shira Plateau, formally a collapsed volcano.  Tonight we’ll move on up to the Moir Camp which is 13,600 feet (4145m).  I think we are all impressed by the beauty and frankly awe-struck with what we are seeing.  Every time we turn around there is something brand new and totally spectacular.  Jeremy.

Jeremy King here.  We are approaching the glacier which is peaking through the clouds, it’s quite an amazing sight.  There is a lot more snow than any of us anticipated.  We’ll make our way to the Lava Tower Camp tomorrow which is at 15,000 feet (4570m).  The climate is definitely getting cooler and changing rapidly and we’re starting to feel the altitude pressure.  Thank you very much and I’ll pass you back to my colleague Rob Dunn.

Jeremy with his wife Ljerka

Thanks Jeremy.  We would really like to make a special note here for our friends in Cape Breton at the West Richmond School who have inspired us to go slow, go steady, to carry their banner and take it to the summit.  It was great to see you kids in January and kids we are having a great time, we hope you are.  Jeremy.

We are going to sign off.  Thank you everyone, take care.

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