A deserving break on the trail

March 1, 2006 – Trekking at a Different Pace

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[BAI guides Simon and Matthewbroken transmission]  …for a wet Baranco Wall, we were pleased to see that at least it wasn’t in the pouring rain.  Our group treks in basically three little sections.  Frank and his guide Matthew are always out front, Babu gets an early start and keeps motoring along, and we never see him during the day.  He and Matthew just keep moving along and we always catch them at meal time.  Behind them are Darrell and his guide Rodrick and they go off on their own pace as well.  Then Leila sets a pace for what you might call the rear group, that being Jeremy, Ljerka, Laura and of course Rob Dunn.

Now Rob is particularly fond of the way we are climbing Kilimanjaro.  We are traversing around the mountain and Mountaineer Rob Dunn as he calls himself is especially fond of traversing, and that being… [lost transmission]

Listen to Audio of Wally's Call (.wav)

It’s early evening now on March 1st and the entire Feed Nova Scotia team has arrived at our night’s destination, the Karanga Camp.  We are now at 13,200 feet (4023m).  We continued to walk in the rain this afternoon, as the afternoon wore on Darrell and Rodrick joined up with Leila’s team which was accompanied by their African guide Safi, Simon and Fraterini along with myself and the rest of the crew.  Eventually we even caught Babu and Matthew, so the whole team came in very slowly (pole, pole) together, looking very strong.

One interesting thing is all this team had to buy a lot of new gear before the trip and Mountaineer Rob Dunn who I have already mentioned; he bought all his gear like everyone else.  But in his haste he apparently bought Gore-Tex rain pants that were entirely too large.  So throughout this… [lost transmission]

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