September 30 - First Day in Namche Bazaar

It’s September 30th and the entire Berg Adventures Team has arrived in Namche Bazaar.  After I called you from Lukla yesterday, we enjoyed a beautiful walk down the trail to Phakding.  We always run into old friends here, great surprises and good times.  Barbara and Lila BishopYesterdays treat was we had a great Bozeman reunion, Bozeman Montana reunion.  Lila Bishop saw Barbara on the trail and they didn’t know one another were going to be here. 

Many of you know Lila Bishop, mother of Brent Bishop, a Berg Adventures Guide and our old close friend, and of course Lila is over here many seasons leading treks or doing other things in the Khumbu which she has known and loved for years.  We didn’t know she was going to be around though so it was a real warm surprise to see her and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her this season.

Denio, Barbara and Sherpas resting on the trailToday we walked into Namche in cloudy, misty weather mostly, pretty warm weather.  We got into town and met many, many more old friends of course, mostly Sherpas.  We found at Namche Bazaar it had been very quiet because of the lack of flights to Lukla for a number of days, but beginning today everyone is showing up. 

I heard there were 40 flights into Lukla on that day we arrived early in the morning.  Today there were fewer but the backlog of people and gear waiting in Kathmandu is moving this way.  Of the hundreds of loads we sent out we’re still missing 62 bags, we are not missing those bags but they are still with Wanchu in Kathmandu which are on a helicopter we hear at this point ready to come this way.

Our group along the trailBut we have everything we need in Namche; especially we have eachother, good company, great staff and friends in the Khumbu.  Our adventures are just beginning, we’ll report to you daily if we can, and try to get some photos coming back of some of the adventures and scenes we are seeing along they way.

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