October 1, 2004 - Great Friends Along the Way

Shop in Namche BazaarIt’s October 1st from Namche, our first full day in Namche.  It is stimulating as always, full of social activities, shopping and lounging around.  Yesterday when we walked into our lodge here, Denio was pleased and surprised to see a Brazilian flag.  Of course we have two Brazilians on our team, Denio and Leila.  So we enjoyed walking into that comfortable sight in our lodge. 

Namche is full of old and new friends.  We particularly enjoyed walking with a group of Australians and Kiwis and a couple of Canadians in a large trekking group similar to ours.  Today a number of our members met two girls from New York that had trekked down alone from Base Camp and had a great time up there.  It was fun talking to them about some of the sights we are going to see as we continue. 

Tomorrow morning we’ll get up and go to the famous Saturday Namche market and we’ll continue out to the village of Thame .  I’ll tell you when we get out there more about what a wonderful place that is, home of some of the greatest and most famous climbing Sherpas, home of the Thame monastery and again home of some old friends of ours.  Brazilian FlagTimes are great, we still have some rain and cloud so we are looking forward to those majestic views, but the sights we are seeing are beautiful and warm with all the old friends of the Khumbu.  Things are going great and we’ll continue to keep you posted as we can.

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