September 29 - Landing in Lukla

It is 9:30 in the morning and our feet are on the ground in Lukla.  We awoke very early at the Yak and Yeti, said goodbye to Janeen and we had excellent luck.  We were all on the same Yeti airlines flight, much of our equipment and staff is coming in a few more minutes we hope but the main thing is we are all in Lukla.  It’s great to be out here.

Dick, George and Susan all made very similar comments as the stepped with beaming faces off the twin otter aircraft.  I think Dick’s comment was “this was worth the whole trip”.  It is an amazing experience to fly to Lukla, I’ve done it many times but it is always thrilling and hard to describe.

Meagan Carney is always looking so happy when she’s in Nepal .  I forgot that already from last fall.  I couldn’t believe her smile the whole way out as she’s looking out the window sitting next to Grant and some of her team.

This is the new Lukla efficiency is what this place is all about.  I’ve watched the twin otters from three different airlines quickly come here and do turn arounds and quickly fly back out.  If it’s a bit noisy it’s because they are still flying, and I’ve been looking for a calm moment but it’s not happening, there are a lot of aircraft flying in today.

We've got Sherpas who have been waiting for us, it’s good to get reunited with them.  In particular Dasona who will be a climbing Sherpa for the team this fall.  He’s already sitting in a corner with his crew, Grant, Meagan, George and Denio, the climbers.  So they had a little first meeting.  We are all going to have some lunch here in Lukla, watch some more aircrafts come in and then of course we’ll walk a few hours down to the Kosi River and we’ll spend the night at Phakding.

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