September 28 - All Together in Kathmandu

Today is the 28th of September and I hope you enjoyed the photos we sent back a few days ago.  Since that time more Berg Adventures climbers and trekkers and travelers have been arriving in Kathmandu .  There are a total of 16 of us in town now.  It seems like a long time ago that James, Scott and Amelie arrived in town.  Dr Ruiz with his Nepalese Hat or "topis"And of course you saw some photos of their activities with Amelie’s students when they first arrived.  Then we had a big bunch of trekkers arrive the following day, Susan, George, Charles, Kathy and Dick arrived.  I should mention that Krishna Dakhal has been busy doing city tours for us virtually every day in small groups around town.  Everyone as always has been learning a lot from him and enjoying that.             

I should also mention that Dr. Ruiz, Dick looks really good in his new Nepalese "topis" or hat.  He had the fashion sense to pick up on these things right away after he arrived and I noticed that he has at least a couple different colors already and we see him always wearing his Nepalese hats now, he looks great in them.

The following day Barbara Escher arrived direct from Bozeman, Montana - a lot of flying.  Grant Meekins, of course, our Berg Adventures guide, will be here for the entire season including Ama Dablam, arrived on the same Thai flight.

George and Janeen arrive from Tibet with Jyai RamThen just yesterday George and Janeen returned from Tibet . Jyai Ram had gone out and met them at Kodari on the Tibetan border and drove back into town with them.  They had a great trip to Tibet , a lot of stories from them about the wonderful times they had with their guide Tashi, exploring and traveling in Tibet . We are sorry to say that we are going to lose Janeen, she didn’t have time to trek this year so she is going to be returning home pretty soon. George will be going out to the Khumbu with the trekkers and George’s partner Denio flew in from Brazil today. 

Meagan finally arrived from Alberta , one day behind Grant and happy to be back with him.  We pretty much got our team together now.  Sherpas are beginning to trek down towards Lukla from higher in the Khumbu ready to meet us.  Here in town we are getting things ready to go and enjoying Kathmandu . Last night was "World Tourism Day" down in Thamel or the trekking district of Kathmandu and we had a great time down there last night just walking around. 

Leila took Susan and Kathy to yoga class with her today and I think they got a lot out of that.  Many of the rest of us who weren’t on a tour with Krishna just sat around the Yak and Yeti and talked about how much fun it was going to be to go trekking, tried to relax, answer some gear questions, etcetera. 

Leila, Susan and Kathy went to Yoga class together So tomorrow we hope we’ll be flying to Lukla and this time of year, right at the edge of the monsoon it’s green out in the mountains - still lush.  Namche’s harvest is still happening and that will be interesting to see.  The down side of that though is that there are a lot of clouds still and it has been six days since planes took off to go to Lukla because of cloud cover at the airstrip.  So we are hoping for the best and we’ll certainly keep you posted.  If we don’t fly we don’t mind being in Kathmandu but we will be happy to get trekking when we can and we got our fingers crossed for good luck at the airport tomorrow.  We’ll give you a report hopefully from Lukla, but if not we’ll let you know where we are and what we are doing and how our adventures are going.

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