May 5, 2006 - Namche Taking It All In

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Jim is outnumbered in a game of frisbee

It’s the evening of May 5th now and we had a great first, full day in Namche, the entire group was all over town doing different things.  It’s small of course so we ran across one another.

Ang Pasang Sherpa shares his paintings with the groupOur day began when Ang Pasang Sherpa, an old friend of ours, climbing Sherpa who lost all of his fingers from a frostbite accident years ago but who still paints beautiful Tanka paintings.  You know him from previous Berg Adventures dispatches I know, and he stopped by to visit us and we had a great time this morning looking at his work and visiting with Ang Pasang.

Later, Tim, Jackie and Jim Barr went with Nilu Sherpa, our new friend the teacher at the Shree Himalaya Primary School for a visit on Friday to the school.  They dropped by at around 11:30am and music class was in session so they really enjoyed watching the children sing and learning some of the Nepalese Folk Songs.  The school lets out early on Fridays so at 1:00pm, they went outside the school grounds where on every Friday the children do a clean up.  They pick up trash and rubbish and straighten up the school grounds before the end of the school week.  Now after this it became a frisbee throwing session.  Jim, Tim and Jackie had a wonderful time playing with the children after school.

Tim visits the primary school in NamcheNow as you know Namche is all about lots to eat, lots of restaurants, apple pie, pizza, etc.  But I have to tell you one of the nicest times of the day was back here with our cook staff at the end of the day.  We just had a wonderful meal, we had fried chicken, pizza, fresh green beans and carrots and roasted potatoes, a wonderful meal that the staff prepared.  Amazingly with all the food around Namche today, everyone had great appetites and ate it all very well.  We had banana pie for desert after that.

Andy and Erin did join us today, Roger is still down the hill with Pemba and I’m going to go see him tomorrow and we’re going to see maybe if we are lucky enough we’ll wake up to a clear view of the Himalayas.  The high peaks are around us here but we still have some clouds.  Great fun in Namche and a great start for this trip with a really fun, compatible crew.

Jackie gives a thumbs up to the schoolchildren

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