May 4, 2006 - Climbing the Namche Hill

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Jim Haskins takes on the Namche Hill

Jim Barr on the trailIt’s May 4th and we’ve arrived in Namche Bazaar.  We’ve made it to that wonderful commercial and cultural center that we always talk so fondly of when we do our treks.  Jim Barr, Jim Haskins, Doug, Tim, Doc, John, Jackie and I walked in here pretty tired this afternoon.  The group had told me that my information for them that the famous Namche Hill is over rated was not very accurate.  I can report they were quite tired as they came in to Sherap Jonbu and Lakpa Doma’s Panorama lodge that we use every year.  We feel that we’ve returned home and welcomed there and elsewhere around Namche and we’ve seen a lot of old friends already.

Roger woke up this morning and he decided that at 8,800 ft (2682m) in the wonderful room he had, like we all did along the Dudh Kosi river, with a hot shower in his room and a really comfortable bed; that he would just wait for Min, Andy and Erin and spend an extra night at 8,800 feet rather than coming up here to 11,400 ft (3475m) with us.  So as you know the three of them are together down there with Min and Roger’s guide Pemba and a bunch of the porters.  Tomorrow we’ll all rendezvous in Namche and I’ll report to you with a lot of news about old friends and new friends.

John Stewart loves NepalOne person I met today that I think is going to be interesting to tell you more about is Naidu Sherpa.  She’s a wonderful Sherpa woman who just came to Namche and is a teacher in grades K through 5 of english and science.  We’re looking forward to spending more time with her, maybe learn more about the new and improved school program here in Namche.

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