May 7, 2006 - Reunions and Goodbyes

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Doc makes a quick call home from Namche

It’s the morning of May 7th and I’m calling you from the Khumbu Communications Center run by our good friend Buddhe in Namche Bazaar.  Doc and I have stayed over one more night in Namche at Panorama Lodge.  We woke up this morning and had a nice breakfast with the Khumbu Lodge family; actually we had a nice dinner with them the night before.  

My day yesterday was really long.  I went down to meet Roger for breakfast, I got there at 8:00am to his lodge down in Phakding and the lodge owners smiled and said he left here very early and he was walking very fast.  So I had to run all the way too just outside of Lukla to meet Roger and Pemba.  Roger had good legs yesterday morning, let me tell you.  He was on his way back to Lukla, we had an emotional good-bye but I told him that when you are walking that fast in one direction you know that is the direction you need to head.  So we wish Roger well as he heads back to Kathmandu and on home to his wife, we’ll miss him and I know he’ll be coming back.

Roger with BAI guide Pemba just outside of Lukla

The rest of the crew went out to Thame yesterday.  They stayed at Nima Rita’s house where we always stay there and I bet they went up to the monastery this morning to see the Ringpoche.  Ang Temba called Leila and Shelley in the office by Sat phone and reported that they were all doing well last night.  We are all looking forward to having a reunion up in Khumjung in just a little while.  I’ll head up there and meet Charles (Doc) who was visiting the Khunde hospital and we’ll just hang out and wait for the crew to come in from Thame and we’ll all be together again.

Update for May 7, 2006

Listen to Audio of Wally's Call (.wav)

Doug Welland in the KhumbuThis is Wally and I’m going to give you a little update.  It’s still May 7th and we’re having an amazing time.  Now that Roger has moved on, the rest of us are together in the wonderful Sherpa village of Khumjung.  Doc and I walked up today from Namche and we had a great lunch with Ang Nuru’s family, one of our Sherpas in his home village of Khunde which is near here.  Soon after that Jim Haskins, Erin and Doug walked in with some of the Sherpas from their visit out to Thame and they told us the others were coming behind.

The others in fact Jackie, John, Jim Barr, Opus and Tim […broken transmission…] what an amazing place to have that happen.  They had visited the monastery or the Gompa above Thame and saw my old friend there, the Ringpoche, the reincarnate lama of Thame.  They were all blessed by the Ringpoche and had amazing stories about their visit to Thame.

Little Lakpa from Thame fascinated with electronicsThe other cool thing that happened out in Thame was little 7 year old Lakpa, you’ll remember him from our visit there last year and how he took to the Panasonic Toughbook that I had out there.  This year I didn’t have my Toughbook because I was back in Namche but Erin said that Lakpa enjoyed watching an hour and a half film, Cinderella Man, on her video ipod.  She said he sat mesmerized the whole time and really enjoyed the movie.  Great friends here in the Khumbu, as we move along we are meeting old friends and making new ones every day.  We’ll continue to share stories as we move up the valley.

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