May 3, 2006 - Landing in Lukla

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Roger sat with the flight attendant on their way to LuklaIt’s May 3rd and we are in Lukla, what amazing luck we’ve had today.  As I told you we left at 5:30am from the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kathmandu.  We arrived believe it or not at 6:53am, prior to 7:00am we were standing on the ground in Lukla, amazed.  What a flight it was!

Roger sat in the back with the Sita Airlines flight attendant and they enjoyed chatting the whole way and she was pointing out the mountains and identifying them for Roger.  The rest of us were just hardly sitting still in our seats.  I can report that Charles, Jackie and really the rest of this crew literally were not sitting still in their seats; they were so excited about the flight to Lukla. An amazing day here.

Jackie happy to arrive in LuklaOur good friend Dawa Phuti, a Sherpa woman runs a lodge we’ve used here for years saw us at Lukla and gave us the news that Hillary is visiting the Khumbu today in a helicopter on oxygen.  We saw him land in the Kawasaki helicopter in Lukla, they got rid of some fuel and flew higher.  We didn’t see anybody get off.  When I watched that helicopter take off I knew it was bound for Tangboche, Khunde and Thame with Sir Edmund on board.  A really great feeling for me and I know a lot of Sherpa people are going about their normal business and daily lives today but it’s a good feeling that … [lost transmission]

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