November 25 - Reaching Camp 3 on Ama Dablam

Climbing between camp 1 and camp 3

This is Maegan Carney reporting for the Berg Adventures team.  I just talked to Wally on the radio and the whole team is at Camp 3 now.  Everyone is doing really well although they are tired from a long day.  Unfortunately Jeff’s cold took a turn for the worse and he’s down here at Base Camp trying to recuperate, he’s going to be much better in a few days but it looks like the climb will be out of the question.

The rest of team had a huge push today because the climb from Camp 1 to Camp 3 is incredibly technical, especially for these high altitudes.  Today the team has climbed vertical rock up to a 5.10 grade and climbed a mix of rock and ice for over 8 hours.  They are incredibly tired and the last push is this very thin ridge that has a huge drop off on both sides, but it finally brings them into Camp 3 at about 21,000 ft (6400m).  They really should be tired but their accomplishment is outstanding and we are all very proud of them down here at Base Camp.

The weather has been perfect, blue skies with very little wind and now the stars are shining clearly and we are anticipating a great summit day for tomorrow.  Hopefully everybody is going to be in good shape and they are hydrating right now and trying to get a little bit of sleep if at all possible at the high altitude.  So let’s keep our fingers crossed for everybody tomorrow for Jennifer, Don, Joe, Wally and Grant and I hope they have great success tomorrow. 

This is Maegan Carney signing out, bye-bye!

Our objective:

Ama Dablam
Nepal Himalaya

22,494 feet
6857 meters

First Ascent:

March 13, 1961
Barry Bishop
Wally Ramanes
Mike Gill
Mike Ward