November 24 - Thinking of our Families from Camp 1

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It’s November 24th and the team is back in position at Camp 1, ready to try and climb Ama Dablam beginning tomorrow, first to Camp 3 and then on to the summit on Friday.  Our second trip up here went quicker, but people still felt the effort even though we are more acclimatized now.  Unfortunately Jeff, who has been a strong performer and excellent teammate the entire trip came to me early this morning and said his throat was very swollen and that he wasn’t feeling strong.  He wanted to try and come up here today anyway but at about 17,500 ft (5333m) Jeff knew that he wasn’t going to be able to go on and climb tomorrow.  He went back to Base Camp and he is fine down there now.

He and I had a great talk this morning about how in the weeks we‘ve climbed, traveled and trekked together in the Khumbu, how rich the experience has been.  I can speak for Jeff and let you know that although I’m sure he’d love to go on to the summit, he knows that it is not in his legs this trip and... [lost transmission]

...talking about the richness of the people of this area and the beauty of the mountains, climbing Lobuche Peak of course.  He has all that stuff under his belt, he’s proud, we miss him and the rest of us will try to continue on to the summit of Ama Dablam for Jeff.  I know Jeff is thinking a lot about his family, he told me he talked to them 4 times or more back in Bozeman .  We are all thinking of our families and heading back down this valley, saying goodbye to friends and being home soon.

But tonight I’m looking at layer of clouds below us that are exceptionally beautiful and we are in good spirits.  We are confident we’ll give this thing a good crack in the next couple of days.

Taking a break on our way to camp 1Other developments on the team; Maegan Didi, if you don’t know Didi that’s the Nepalese respectful term for older sister.  Meagan Didi is back from her Renjo La Pass trek and she’ll be at Base Camp tomorrow.  She will be key to communicating to the world how we are doing on the mountain.  We’ll talk to her from the mountain as we climb.

Of course our other Didi, Jenny Didi as she known by the Sherpas; I’m looking at her across the ridge right now as she is watching the beautiful light, just as I am.  Don, Joe and Grant are back in the tents getting some hot food that the Sherpas are preparing at this small camp here at Camp 1.  We’ll report to you as we climb, as I said we are confident, we miss our teammates, all the Sherpas, Jeff and Maegan but we’re doing this… (transmission)

Our objective:

Ama Dablam
Nepal Himalaya

22,494 feet
6857 meters

First Ascent:

March 13, 1961
Barry Bishop
Wally Ramanes
Mike Gill
Mike Ward