October 17, 2006 (Oct. 18, 10:54AM Nepal Time) – Together on the Summit

Dave Hahn's strong, calm voice just came over the radio.  

There was no missing the emotion in it however.  We are all here, he said.  I knew at that time that all 14 climbers of our team were standing on the summit of Everest together.

Dave, Kit, Rob, Jimmy, Kami, Lakpa Galje, and climbing leader Dasona joined the 7 members of the team already on top.

Dave said, "My God, my God this is beautiful".  He spoke, as his voice cracked, of the amazing work this Sherpa team had done this morning and throughout the expedition.  I responded with pride that I knew what he meant, our combination of the old school and the new generation of the finest Sherpa climbers are the reason this team knows the success we have. And Dave Hahn, the man who perhaps more than any other has been "thanked" by others for success on Everest, just kept saying over and over into the radio, "Thank you, Thank you.."

Congratulations on Number Eight, Dave!  And thank you for demonstrating the strength and humility that all the greatest mountaineers have. Now, we are hearing excitedly from some of the Sherpas, "Kit is putting on her skis".  Here we go. this is history folks.

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