October 17, 2006 (Oct. 18 Nepal Time) – Bryce and Mingma on the Summit

It is 10:20AM and Bryce Brown is walking onto the summit of Everest at this moment!  He is with his climbing Sherpa partner Mingma Ongel.

Bryce and Mingma are joining five of the BAI climbing Sherpa team who preceded them.  I want to say a bit about these remarkable guys.  They are mix of the old and new generations of the finest climbing Sherpas.  Pasang Tenzing, who was first, Sonam Galygen, and Da Tsering are all stars that were recommended to me by Conrad Anker as being top students from his Khumbu Climbing School.  Each of them had preformed very well throughout the expedition, they have excellent technical skills, strength, humor and love for the mountains and they are brave and very professional guides.

But I have to give special recognition to two of my much older friends who stepped onto the summit with them.  Danuru, who I first climbed with in 1990, veteran of the first Canadian Expedition in 1982, and long time friend of many people in Alberta and B.C. where his has visited on several occasions.  And Pemba Dorjee, my friend since my first Everest expedition in 1989.  Congratulations on yet another Everest summit, guys.

I know Bryce is enjoying the view and his accomplishment now.  The others are still on the way to the top.  We will let you know when they get there!

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