October 6, 2006 – Dave Hahn Reports from Camp III

Dave Hahn with Cami Mattson at Base Camp last week

Hey, we just had an exciting time here watching Kit make turns down into Camp III from several hundred feet up the Lhotse Face.  It is beautiful light and perfect conditions.  We are boiling up now, the sun will leave us soon, but it has been a fantastic day.

At about 3:15pm we saw the three Sherpas who worked out front today, Pasang Tenzing, Sonam Galygen and Ang Namgyel come back through Camp III.  They had a very long day; we watched them fixing line well above the Yellow Band.  So this was a big day.  Now we are standing outside enjoying reruns of Kit’s ski on the video monitor. 

I am looking out at Gychang Kang, Cho Oyu, Pumori and I even saw Shisha Pangma a while ago.  Beautiful, Beautiful day.

There goes the sun behind Nuptse, awesome light.

Well we will close for now, it’s gonna get cold here real fast.  Our oxygen bottles are set up for a test run a short way up the Lhotse face tomorrow morning, but for now it is time to think about getting in the tents.

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