October 5, 2006 – Skiing the Lhotse Face

It’s October 5th and we have an exciting update from our team up oJimmy skis with Rob for the first time on the Lhotse facen Everest.  Jimmy and Rob shared an awesome experience yesterday when they skied down the Lhotse face together.  From 23,500 ft. (7160m) they descended together on the south pillar side of the face.  As you can imagine it was a thrilling ride for them and they enjoyed every bit of it.  Actually Jimmy and Rob have been good friends for a long time, in fact when Jimmy calls Rob and Kit answers the phone she tells Rob, ‘your brother Jimmy is on the phone’.  They have shared many training and climbing sessions together but surprisingly they have never skied together.  It was a pretty special day when they skied together for the first time on the Lhotse face.

Rob still smiling from his ski down the Lhotse face

Dave, Rob, Kit, Jimmy, Bryce and Michael took a rest day today at Camp 2.  Tomorrow they are planning to move up to Camp 3 to sleep at higher elevations.

Our Sherpa Climbing team did an amazing job today advancing our route by fixing another 400m (1,310 ft) of rope above Camp 3.  They stopped just as the route begins to traverse towards the Yellow Band.  They are doing an incredible job and working very hard establishing our route.

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