October 2, 2006 – Making Their Way to the Base of Lhotse Face

Looking up the Western Cwm toward the Lhotse Face

It’s the evening of October 2nd and I’m calling you from Base Camp.  The team we’ve got up in the Western Cwm, Dave, Kit, Rob, Jimmy, Mingma Ongel, Danuru, Bryce and Michael all moved up to Camp 2 yesterday.  At the same time Dawa Tsering who has been living up at Camp 2 for 10 days now with Ang Pemba came back down to Base Camp for a well-deserved rest.

Dave’s little team Kit, Rob and Jimmy, and Mingma Ongel actually went along with them, went up to the base of the Lhotse face.  Dave described to me that moving up from Camp 2 he was really awed by the big slab avalanche that had released up by the Geneva Spur and swept much of the Lhotse face, hitting part of our route and ran out all the way across what we call the bergshrund at the base of the Lhotse face.  It was quite a site.  But of course we are glad that avalanche ran, that indicates stability for us and will allow us to spend time on the Lhotse face.                

Team congratulates one another after arriving at Camp 2        

Michael, Bryce and Danuru took it easy at Camp 2.  Michael reported that he was eating much better then the last time he visited Camp 2.  He also commented to me that Bryce was eating like a horse so I guess his appetite is really good.

A lot of our Sherpas will do a carry today to supply Camp 2 and believe it or not Da Sona reported to me on the way back down a big crevasse had opened up wider and they had to do some more work on the icefall route.  In fact now what had been a three ladder spanning the crevasse is now a four ladder span.  As always the icefall takes attention and work as well as our prayers for safe passage every time we go through it.

So I’m here at Base Camp and the team reported from Camp 2 and we’re all doing well so I’ll sign off and keep you posted.

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