September 30, 2006 – Team Back at Camp 1

Bryce and Michael at Base Camp before they head up to Camp 1It’s about 6:15pm on September 30th and I’m looking at the half moon above me and there is mist rising off the glacier from here at Base Camp where I’m calling you from.  I just got off the radio with Dave Hahn, and he told me that Rob, Kit, Jimmy, Michael, Bryce, Danuru, Min Ongel and himself had a great day.  They walked up towards Camp 2 and are just now are walking back to Camp 1 after a really long day.

As Dave was walking he also talked about the magical, mystical face of Lhotse and how beautiful it was.  It’s a beautiful, beautiful evening folks.

 We’ll keep you updated on the team’s progress, for now they are moving well.

Kit, Rob and Jimmy preparing as the leave Base Camp for Camp 1

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