June 19, 2006 - Taking the Bus to Copacabana

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The Sungate at Tiwanaku

Philippe said it was soon to be excitingHi and Buenas Tardes from Copacabana, this is John Freeman calling.  Today we had a travel day from La Paz to Copacabana.  Heading northwest from the city we headed towards Tiwanaku, I think Philippe David best described the day as ‘It was soon to be exciting’ and I think he was right.  The whole team was occupied with the stunning views of the peaks of the Cordillera Real as we made our way to Tiwanaku.         

We visited this wonderful pre-Columbian site, which also pre-dates Incas, and is slowly being unearthed.  Its structures are so inspiring they really do compare to the local peaks that we see along the way as we head north.

Later on the team had lunch looking over Lake Titicaca and was treated to local trucha which is the trout that occupies Lake Titicaca and judging from the clean plates I think everyone is acclimatizing well and adjusting to the altitude which is a good omen for things to come as our trip progresses to the mountains.

I think Alex Wallace also had another good quote when he mentioned that he thinks we might have the best ‘pimped out bus’ in all of Bolivia.  The driver is a huge, fanatical fan of Bolivar which is a team from La Paz and he displays his pride in his bus.

The buildings of Copacabana

We finished our day in Copacabana as we arrived above the town and dropped in towards the lake where we will stay at our hotel right on the shores of Lake Titicaca.  We were treated to a wonderful sunset over the waters and I think the team was suitably impressed.  It’s a wonderful little town and a good place to continue our acclimatization.  Tomorrow we’ll visit Isle del Sol and we’ll be in touch then.

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