November 30, 2006 – Amazing Weather Day

It’s about 5:30 in the afternoon on the 30th of November.  I just spent, along with Wayne and Larry, the most enjoyable and amazing weather day that I ever spent in Antarctica and I have spent a lot of days in Antarctica.  The air has been absolutely still, the sky absolutely clear.  We have just been lounging around camp all day long drinking tea, fixing food and relaxing.

Larry and I got back last night at about 10:30pm.  Wayne said that he was still on about half a tank but feeling better.  We enjoyed fixing a meal together and then we got some good sleep.  Today in the sun it’s just been really relaxing and enjoyable.

What we are doing is Wayne has hooked up with 2 of our best friends from the early days back before the flight from Punta Arenas, Paul and Beth.  Paul and Beth returned from a summit attempt yesterday, they turned back on the summit ridge not quite reaching the top of Vinson, Beth said there was just nothing left in the legs, she was too tired.  So they came back.  So Wayne is going to stay with them here at Camp I and Larry and I are going to move up to High Camp and see about going to the summit tomorrow. 

We’ll keep you posted day to day, Wayne’s got a radio and of course we are talking to Vinson Base as well.  Those guys down there, believe it or not, say they have been in the clouds for 24 hours.  So below us… [lost transmission]