Update: November 29, 2006 – Incredible Views at High Camp

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Larry during a BAI training program in the Canadian Rockies this summer

It’s only about a half hour later and we are giving you another quick update.  Larry and I arrived at high camp and it’s really awesome up here.  Beautiful clear, cold sky above.  Mount Shinn looks really incredible and we got a view of Mount Vinson as we were walking up here.  It’s still some distance from here to Mount Vinson but the elevation gets up in position that we need to be in to reach the summit the day after tomorrow.

Back down at Camp I where Wayne is, a lot of teams are coming and going, some teams have already summited, primarily the remarkable skiing teams that are here this year; there are at least 3 of them.  Of course they are moving much faster on skis, plus there are some super well-conditioned athletes in those groups that have already been up and are heading back down now. 

We are just going to stay here for a few minutes.  Larry and I had an amazing climb and we are loving it here right now.  On a training climb we did together in the Canadian Rockies this year we got to a place called Snowbird Pass.  Looking out from there across the Rockies Larry asked me if this is what it looks like in Antarctica and I said well something like that I guess because it was an awesome view.  But he and I are up here today and this is really Antarctica and there is nothing like this anywhere in the Canadian Rockies or anywhere in the world.

I’m looking up at just a faint, half moon that is very clear in the sky above us.  This is one of the greatest, wildest places on earth.  I’ll take that back it probably is the greatest, wildest place on earth, the continent of Antarctica and the Ellsworth Mountains.  We’ll get back down to Wayne, I hope he’s got a brew going and we’ll give you an update on how we are doing down at Camp I.  These next few days are going to be big and we are having a great time and a great adventure here.