July 2, 2006 – Panoramic View of the Crater

Hi, this is David Baronfield and Carol Benton from the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.  It’s Sunday July 2nd and I am looking at a panoramic view of the largest caldera in the world, this thing is massive.  In the middle of the valley are thousands and thousands of animals.  Today was unbelievable, we got up at about 5:30 in the morning and hit the road around 6:00 by 7:30 as we entered in to the park we saw 4 lions eating an animal that had just been killed and that was pretty sensational.  While they were eating they were hanging out right by the car it was unreal.

About an hour later we ran across the rarely seen black rhino, incredibly close up, we have a ton of pictures and everybody who is interested in seeing them will see it.  A little bit after that we ran across a couple of cheetahs who were staking out some prey, gazelles.  Unfortunately for us we didn’t get to see the cheetahs attack but none the less it was exciting and amazing.  So far we have seen 4 of the 5 big game and that’s pretty amazing.  That is all for now, tomorrow we are off to the Serengeti.