July 1, 2006 – Beautiful Views Above the Crater

Inside the Ngorongoro Crater LodgeHi, this is Carol.  David and I are calling you from the top of Ngorongoro Crater at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge.  I have a spectacular view as I am speaking to you the sun is setting and it’s absolutely beautiful.  We’ve had a wonderful day.  Tarangire Treetops lodge is so incredible and unique, we saw lots of animals there.  Today we saw cape buffalo and lots of baboons, the baboons up close and personal as they jumped on top of the car and tried to get in.  We had a lovely morning at Lake Manyara and lunch at the Serena Lodge there.  Lake Manyara was just beautiful, the park was spectacular.  We are having a great time and tomorrow we are meeting our driver, David our safari guide who has been fantastic, at 6:00am for more animal viewing at the bottom of the crater.  So until tomorrow, bye.