February 7, 2006 – Safari Group On Their Way to Arusha

Hi this is Wally again from Arusha.  It is 4:00pm and I just spoke to Chris again.  He told me they just drove through the Park Gate at Ngorongoro, which means they will be back in town in about 3 hours. 

As the team finally leaves the wilds and heads back I can tell that it is with a great deal of excitement.  Chris excitedly told me that his “lion count’’ is now up to 83!  So I can tell the time since the cancelled balloon flight yesterday was well spent by the group.  Chris also talked with pride about the 5 cheetahs, two leopards and especially the two black rhinos that the group had sighted during their days on safari.

We are looking forward to meeting at the Arusha Hotel this evening.  I am going to take my laptop and Chris told me that I was going to love some of the photos they are bringing back.  With luck we should be able to post some of them here as a record of this group’s extremely successful safari adventure in North Tanzania before they head home.

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