February 6, 2006 – Safari Group Grounded Due to High Winds


[Wally Berg reports from Arusha, Tanzania after speaking with Chris Laking on the phone earlier today]

This morning I spoke to Chris from the safari group from their lodge in the Serengeti.  He says they are having a great time with their guides David and Safi. He was full of stories!  He said that they have seen 47 different lions so far and he spoke excitedly about how a hippo walked right by their tent at Migration Camp last night.  These guys are having a great time.

Another good story from Chris’ trip is that they were not able to get off on the balloon ride this morning. They tried to send three balloons up and Chris’ group was all set in the second balloon.  After the first one got off the winds picked up and they needed to descend. Due to the high winds the second balloon did not launch.  It must have been very exciting. They are going to try again tomorrow morning before they return to Arusha.