December 27, 2007 – Into the Mud

Hi, this is Jo Ann. We have several days to catch up on here, After we left Lake Eyasi, we went to the Masai Village. That was really a charming place run by the Masai and co-owned by an American and a great place to stay. And then as we went on, we were going to... [lost transmission]... we stopped and had lunch overlooking the sunken area right beside the volcano. They think it may have been a volcano that had collapsed.

Unfortunately the volcano was not spitting that day we were there, it has been since June but as we went along, we ran into many cars coming back. The first one was totally muddy and they said it had rained and that it was very bad, they didn't know if we could get through but we decided to go on. We came upon 6 vehicles from different companies that had all banded together to help one another. They had only gone a few kilometers from... [lost transmission]... had started at 10:00 in the morning and it was 3:00 in the afternoon and had been stuck many, many times.

We were kind of reorganizing and one Land Cruiser was towing another Land Cruiser and we were having quite the problem. So we went on to look at it ourselves, and sure enough we could have spent a nice long time dug into a lot of mud, so we decided to come back and stay at... [lost transmission]... and the next morning we hiked through the ruins that David knew about. I am really interested in going back and learning more about them, and they're supposedly Stone Age ruins of building and such. So from there, we went back and decided that we would go further because it made no sense to go to... [lost transmission]. On the way, we stopped at the market and saw hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Masai trading cattle, goats, buying and selling meats, all kinds of goods. So, yesterday we hiked, drove over the mountain and I hiked into the middle of the desert.

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