December 19, 2007 – Hunting wih the Hadzabe Tribe

The Masai women and decorative dress

Hi, this is Jo Ann with a 2-day update. First of all we went to Lake Eyasi. We stayed at a fabulous lodge that was a tented lodge. Driving there was incredible, you go through a desert for two hours and then you come upon obvious palm trees right at the water's edge. It was pretty fantastic. Probably the best part of the last couple of days has been David and Morolo teaching me tons of information about the Chagga and the Masai. It's truly been fun to go into the markets and see the traditional Masai clothing, and to differentiate between the different groups of Masai. In addition to talking about some of the traditions in term of marriage and what happens at death, all those kind of things. Yesterday we went to visit the Hadzabe Tribe and went hunting with them. They got a squirrel and a guinea fowl and we watched how they started fires, cooked the meat and danced.

Later in the afternoon we went to the Totoga Tribe and we only met the women because the men we're all out with their animals. The women were gorgeous. Some of the women wore skins of goats and all kinds of beads. They also had these incredible markings that they had put on their face so that the bodies can serve as decorations, very lovely.

We are on our way to the MtoWa Mbu Lodge. We are having a fabulous time and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!

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