December 15, 2006 – Going Up the Baranco Wall

Going up the Baranco Wall

Scott’s Report:

This is Scott and Meagan on Kilimanjaro and we just finished day 4 up the Baranco wall.  It was hard, rainy and steep but we are feeling good now and have the long time to rest since it was a short day.  We are looking forward to a short day tomorrow but overall feeling good and happy to be here.

Meagan’s Report:

I woke up this morning thinking we have not had any mishaps yet and today I fell in a river up to my chest and I was covered in mud and that was just in the first 15 minutes of the day.  Then we had to climb the Baranco wall which is 1200 feet, it was so steep I thought I was going to die.  But luckily Safi, who is our wonderful guide kept holding my hand and making sure I didn’t fall and Rodrick our other guide made sure I did not fall in any more rivers and helped dry me off.  They are great guides and taking care of me and helping me get to the top.

Safi means ‘clean’ in Swahili and I can say without a doubt there is nothing clean about climbing Kilimanjaro, we are muddy and dirty [laughing] but we are warm and having a good lunch now.  Bye for now.

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