December 25 – A Chilly Joey Reports From 12,300 Feet

Note: Joey’s satellite phone transmission was cut off shortly after he began today’s dispatch.  We have included his brief report along with this photo which shows the view of Kilimanjaro as the sun sets from the group’s Christmas Night Camp at Shira on Kilimanjaro. We are proud of Joey, Steve, Bill and Tierney for making it all the way to Shira on their second day on the mountain.  It is beautiful where they are tonight and this is where they begin to realize they are really on a big mountain. 

Hi this is Joey Coz calling from the Shira camp at 12,300 feet.  It is very cold here!  This morning we awoke to a terrific view of the majestic mountain above us and this view kept us going all day…. (transmission lost…)