December 24 Evening – The Coz and McCauley's Start Climbing

Hey everyone this is Steve Coz reporting for our Kilimanjaro climb with Berg Adventures.  We were on the road today from Arusha to Moshi and saw Kilimanjaro up in the clouds, what an amazing sight.  We pulled over and everyone was in awe of it.

We started our climb today which began at the Machame Gate after going through a river of different people.  Our first day of climbing was pretty damn vigorous but it was all great.  At sunset we got a great view of Kilimanjaro, seeing the glaciers and the peak was an incredible sight (“tell them about the moonlight” from Bill McCauley).  Under the moonlight right now we can see it as well.  It really springs upon you when the clouds lift and you see how far you have already gotten.

Merry Christmas to all the people following us, including the Coz and McCauley families.  We will be climbing all day on Christmas just so you know.