October 15 – Our Last Day in Tanzania

Hi, this is Cami and it’s Friday October 15th and the last day of our safari in Tanzania .  We enjoyed several hours of wildlife viewing in the Tarangire National Park yesterday.  I think the landscape there is more beautiful than where we were in the Serengeti.  The terrain is varying with lots of washes and waterways and very colorful sediments.  We have seen so many elephants in Tarangire National Park and they have become my favorite animal.  I love watching them; they are very smart and aware of their surroundings.                     

Last night we played cards until 9:00pm with Bosco and Nicholas.  I didn’t want the evening to end as I knew that we would soon be parting ways.  Once Brittany and I went to dinner an amazing thing happening.  After our main course the lights went out a torch was lit and the whole kitchen staff came out singing and dancing in a precession line.  They came over to our table and circled it and then presented us with a Kilimanjaro cake.  It was made up of two mounds of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, my favorite, and the taller mound had white icing on it representing Kibo glacier and two sparklers were lit from the peak.

The whole staff sang the Kilimanjaro song and congratulated us for making it to the peak.  We were filled with gratitude for their thoughtfulness and to Berg Adventures for coordinating so much detail.

Today we did more viewing.  We stopped at a few craft shops on the way back to buy a few souvenirs.  Tomorrow we leave for South Africa .  This is the last dispatch and we leave the country with mixed emotions as we have fallen in love with the country of Tanzania and its culture and the friends we have made.  I will talk to all of you later.  Good-Bye.

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