October 14 - Some Incredible Days in the Serengeti

Hi, this is Cami, and it's Thursday October 14th and we’ve had some incredible days.  On Tuesday we visited a Masai village.  Brittany and I danced in their jumping style and sang with the women.  The chief took us inside one of his Bomas or huts to tell us about his village.  He has ten wives and many children.  The tribe has stretched earlobes that are decorated with many beaded earrings.  The Masai are very fond of bead work and decorate their head, arms, neck and ears with them.  Brittany and I bought some beads for ourselves.  The Masai women all have shaved heads and so do the married men.  The chief told us that we look like the young single men who still have long hair.  The Masai are cow herders and this chief has over a thousand cows.  It is fascinating learning about their culture and lifestyle.                    

After the village we drove to the Olduvai Gorge where many prehistoric fossils and bones have been discovered dating back 3.6 million years ago.  We also visited the shifting sands, it is one singular sand dune with magnetic features that move forward in the same direction several hundred feet every year or two. 

Yesterday was amazing. We spent nine hours viewing wildlife in the Serengeti.  Our first "wow" experience was coming across a herd of 30 elephants. We were very close and we watched them from our open top Land Rover.  There were baby elephants that looked like toys, we saw so many babies yesterday including zebras, lions and cheetahs.  At a watering hole we saw hippos lying in the muddy part of the water.  It was a slice of paradise watching all the animals co-exist at the watering hole.

We watched many more animals as we drove along, it seemed very normal to drive along and have to break for animals crossing the road.  One dirt road I called Lion Lane because there were so many prides of lions resting under the trees.

Last night we stayed at an upscale tented camp called Migrations, the decorations and furniture are reminiscent of an old safari research camp but with all the modern conveniences and amenities.  All night we could hear the sounds of hippos, hyenas and baboons, we were right in the middle of the Serengeti wilderness.

We just flew out of the Serengeti to Lake Manyara and we will do more wildlife viewing in the Tarangire National Park .  Life couldn’t be more rewarding right now, we are having a great time and truly adore Nicholas and Bosco our guides.  We’ll be in touch soon.