August 13 – Climbing Above Lava Tower for Extra Acclimatization

The team has arrived today at Lava Tower, the summit is getting closer!

Greetings! This is Rob Sinkoff calling from the approach to the Lava tower, all is well on the mountain, doing well, eating excellent food, warm hot days hiking and very cold nights in the tent. Great [ lost transmission ].

Hello, this is Sharon, Jody, Danny and Bob. Danny is making this book, he is writing everything he can think of, he is asking Sofi questions, questions, and questions. Everything has to be written in Swahili, he is getting songs, the book will be priceless; for us mostly it is the people, and the faces and the names and the smiles and service.

Memories that will last a life time we will be eternally grateful we will call you later from the top, the day at the top is closer.  See you soon.


This is Sofi, the guide for Berg Adventures International, I am leading the group on Kilimanjaro, they are all doing well, enjoying the mountain, we had a good day today going to Lava Tower, we will do an acclimatization hike up to about 4800m and then we will come back down to Lava Tower for the night. Tomorrow we will go to Arrow Glacier Camp and we will let you know how we are doing later.

Thank you and bye.