August 11 – Newest Berg Adventures Kilimanjaro Team Reports from Scott Fischer Camp

Setting up at Scott Fischer Camp

Hi, this is Danny calling from the Scott Fischer Camp (12,600 feet / 3840 meters).  We are having a wonderful time; the views of the mountain are extraordinary.  We are looking forward to getting to the top in the next couple of days and having a lot of fun on this trip.

Hi, this is Sharon.  Jody, Danny, Rob and I are having a wonderful time.  The food is amazing and we even have a port-a-potty in a tent for the only female out of about 20 guys.  The people are wonderful and we are trying to learn Swahili but we are not doing a very good job of it but we are trying.  We’re having a wonderful, wonderful time, we’ll talk to you tomorrow, bye.

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