August 26 – Rainy Day at Scott Fisher's Camp

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The sun is going down; it is sunset in the evening of the 26th of August.  I’m calling you from one of the most beautiful camps anywhere on Kilimanjaro and in my opinion anywhere in the world that I know about.  This is Scott Fisher’s camp at the edge of the Shira plateau and at the elevation of about 12,600 feet (3,840m) on Kilimanjaro.  This camp was made for Scott in the early 90’s by local guides.                      

Alex on the Shira PlateauWe walked in here today with August and of course Nicholas, Hodson our cook and the entire rest of the crew.  It’s great to be back again.  These guys were here with Kellie Erwin and her team on this route, at this very camp just about a year ago.  We had a great day, an easier walk today still walking across the Shira plateau. 

It began to sprinkle lightly as we got close to camp and when we walked in the dining tent and had another of Hodson’s wonderful lunches there was a down pour.  Alex was one of the first to realize this was going to be great napping weather.  In fact we did enjoy taking short naps in our tents listening to the rain in the afternoon and then we got up and had tea.

Julie and Alex are playing backgammon, Jim washed up a little bit and as I said I’m watching a beautiful sunset.  The sky has cleared now and I’m looking out across Shira at a gorgeous sunset.  One more thing I’m looking at that I should mention is a moon that is getting fuller by the day.  If you weren’t aware of this we are, that the night we sleep in the crater of Kilimanjaro in a few more nights, we are going to have a full moon and that should be spectacular.

We’ll keep you posted day to day as we get closer to the crater of Kilimanjaro.  Things are going great and we’ll keep you informed as we move along.