August 25 – Team Reaches Shira I Camp

Listen to Audio of Wally's Call (.wav)

On the 25th of August I’m calling you from the Shira I camp.  We are out in the vast expanse of the Shira plateau of Kilimanjaro.  I mentioned yesterday the wild western side of Kilimanjaro; we are doing the long approach from the western edge of Kilimanjaro across Shira.  It has a wilderness feel that is really unique for Kilimanjaro.  When you climb Kili from the south and the southeast side through those beautiful forests and above the farms it’s beautiful but it doesn’t really feel like a wilderness.  Here it definitely does, the expanse around me is just awesome right now.

AugustWe set up a nice camp here; we’re still only at 11,300 feet (3,444m) so we are ascending a bit more slowly on this route as well.  The team is doing well and of course as I keep mentioning it is great to be back with the Berg Adventures African staff.  We are having a great time.  We did have one treat, the weather has been very dry and clear on this side of the mountain but Kibo the glaciated summit that we are climbing towards has been obscured in cloud mostly.  But just a few minutes ago Jim noticed the glaciers coming out from the bottom of the clouds.  So we had a tantalizing view of our summit ahead.  We’ll post you on the news as we continue to climb across Shira and towards Kibo.