August 1, 2007 – Enjoying the Journey

Hiking towards Kilimanjaro

Good morning! It’s Mark and Joe calling from Camp 2. We’re all packed up after a great breakfast. We slept very well last night and everyone is good. We are headed to Camp 3 – Tarn Hut. It should take us about 4 hours to get there and then we will do a little hike once we get there to practice on the scree. We are all feeling well, no altitude effects yet. I just wanted to say hello to Barbara and I miss everybody. Hi to my family and everybody in my ‘hood. Here’s Joe. Bye!

Good morning everybody.  I decided to get in a quick word so that you know I am really here. Mark’s been hogging up the phone and doing the dispatches – but he’s really good at doing that. We slept well last night and woke up to a beautiful morning. We’re looking forward to a great day on the trail. Say ‘Hi’ to everybody, I love you all! Bye.

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