August 1, 2007 – The Safari Begins

Zebras in Tarangire National Park

Hi there! This is Coley calling in for the Shuck, Shuck, Coley, Thad & Alexis crew. We just arrived at Tarangire Tree Tops in Tarangire National Park. I believe our animal count today was 18, including what Chevy Chase would refer to as a plethora of Elephants, a plethora of Zebras. It was a great day with gorgeous scenery here. We had a nice restful day yesterday, back in Arusha, where we did a whole lot of nothing. It felt FANTASTIC! So, everybody is rested. We are excited and we will be at Tarangire Tree Tops tonight and see more of Tarangire Park tomorrow. After that, we will head up to Ngorongoro for tomorrow night and to go around the crater rim. Everybody is in high spirits and we are excited about the Baobab trees and the wonderful weather. We’ve had an excellent time. Say hello to everybody’s families from all of us. Bye!

A Bedroom in Taragire Treetop Lodge built around a Baobab tree

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