July 29, 2007 – A Fantastic View from the Summit

The roof top of Africa: Uhuru Peak 19,339 feet [5894 meters]

Hello, this is Rob Schuck calling you from the roof of Africa with Coley and Thad. We all made it. It’s a beautiful day, we’re above the clouds. And because we are on the Lemosho Route, we have the peak to ourselves. Richard, Robert and Frank have been excellent guides the entire time, we’ve had a wonderful trip and boy the view is FANTASTIC! Here’s Thad to add a message…

A good night’s sleep in the crater on Mt. Kilimanjaro

It’s a hard trek to get up from 16,000 feet [4876 meters] to here but we followed Richard up the whole way and we had a good route and all the porters did a fantastic job with all of our gear and we all made it. Now we are going to retire down to the crater rim and get into our sleeping bags before it gets too cold. But we’re all feeling good and we all have smiles on our face. Coley wants to add that he “blesses the rains down in Africa”.

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