July 26, 2007 – Jambo! (Hello in Swahili)

Rob, Coley & Thad kick back and relax at lunch time

Hello! This is Coley, Thad & Shuck. We are at the junction of the Machame Route and the Moir Hut on Mt. Kilimanjaro. We have had a little bit of weather and clouds move in, it got a little colder but still great hiking with beautiful scenery. We are all acclimatizing well and we had a great nights sleep last night. I’m looking forward to finishing up today’s hike and having lunch. I’ll pass it over to Thad to see if he has anything to say…

Hello to everyone back home! I’m feeling well and doing good. We’ll sleep at about 15,000 feet [4,571 meters] later today and then descend a little bit the next day. I’ll pass it off to Coley…

Jambo-Jambo! This is Coley. I’m doing well and this is fun. Richard and the team continue to keep us in line and I’m having a great time up here!

The team and staff are ready to hike!

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