July 25, 2007 – Sunsets over Kilimanjaro

Looking toward Mt. Kilimanjaro

Hi there! This is Coley calling in for Coley, Thad and Rob. We’ve had a tremendous time and we are calling in from Moir Camp now at 13, 660 feet [4163 meters]. We are staring now at the glacier just above Kilimanjaro, it’s just now coming into view. The afternoon clouds are just beginning to clear. We’ve had tremendous weather so far and an excellent crew. Richard has done a very good job of keeping us at a slow and steady pace; otherwise the overambitious Americans would have run themselves out of breath by now! Last night was probably one of the best photo opportunities that I’ve had in a few years. We saw the sun hitting Kilimanjaro. Thad and Rob seem to think that the red hue was because of the angle of the sun and the amount of light hitting it. I seem to think that it’s Kilimanjaro’s way of welcoming its favourite redhead climber! The crew is doing well, everyone seems to have strong legs and we are looking forward to getting up a little further. Here’s Thad…

Hello, this is Thad reporting in. I am feeling well as are the rest of the guys. A couple of us were feeling the altitude yesterday and today, but we are all feeling good here now. We’ll go up to about 15,000 feet [4571 meters] tomorrow afternoon for a short hike. That’s it from Kilimanjaro

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