July 11 – Team at Scott Fisher Camp

Hello, this is Kit reporting from just above Scott Fisher camp at 13,200 ft (4023 m), we are settled in at Scott Fisher camp at 12,600 ft (3840 m) and today is July 11th,  So first I will do a little bit of catching up.  Yesterday we met the rest of our team in Arusha and made the 3 hour drive to the park.  After some signing in and weighing of various items to take up the mountain and of course a sit down lunch by the park headquarters we got back into the four wheel drive and headed up roads that we had never seen before.  We now all understand the real need for four wheel drive.  All us at one point, except the driver got out at one point to help the vehicle get up a bit higher.

With several delays catching up with us over the day, we had a bit of a late start to trek about 4pm so it was late getting into camp.  But it was beautiful going through the Lemosho Glades, with incredibly lush vegetation.  The trail was muddy which made it a bit difficult, especially during the last section with our headlamps.  It was a real challenge getting into camp this first night to get used to unpacking and setting up tents.

The next morning it was still misty and clouds around…. [ lost transmission ]