July 8 – Mount Meru Team Returns to Arusha

Berg Adventures Guide Safi This is Kit and we have returned to Arusha and after hot showers, clean clothes and a good sleep in a bed, we feel like new people. The last couple days on Meru were amazing and totally different from each other.

On summit day we started out at 3:00 am with our headlamps on and trekked past Rhino Point (a spectacular view point but not before sunrise), and on up. From the ridge further up we watched the sun rise behind Kili - a spectacular sight! We continued to trudge on reaching the top at 9:00 am. After enjoying the scenery, sending a dispatch and of course the requisite pictures, we started the descent arriving back at camp at 2:00 pm. This 11 hour trek covered only 14 km! This should give you some indication as to the steepness and ruggedness of the trail. It was tough. We couldn't have done it without the assistance of Moses the park ranger, our guide Safi and assistants Romeli and Rodrick.

Yesterday, we descended through moorland, cloud forest and across the plain from Saddle Hut to Momela Park gate, a drop of about 6,000 feet (1830 meters). The Berg team sang us into the pick-up area where we were met my Nicholas and other Berg staff plus a delicious lunch. Our legs and knees certainly feel the descent today.

Tomorrow we head out on the Kili portion of the adventure and will send further dispatches from there.