June 26, 2007 – Learning Swahili

Trekking through the Forest

Hello this is Jim calling from 11,000 ft. out here at Mount Kilimanjaro. We will be striking for the summit in about 5 days. We spent the last 2 experiencing incredible conditions here on the mountain, walking through epic rain forest and jungle filled with Colubus monkeys, black and white monkeys as well as looking out for elephants that live in the region.

We have been making our way up the mountain with a great team from Berg Adventures, including Prince Safi, Frank and Freddie who are great soccer stars as we found out last night on our way into Big Tree camp. They have also been working on our Swahili, teaching us great words like Jambo, which means Hello; Asanti, which means Thank You and phrases like: come on easy, cool bananas man.

Now in the next couple of days we will start getting into altitude. We have already noticed it and we have to start focusing a little bit more as we make our way up the mountain.  It is not technical, it is more like a hike but we are starting to feel the altitude effects and in the next couple of days a little bit more so. 

The temperatures are great; we're wearing short sleeves and shorts right now. The weather has been great – no rain. A lot of us are still checking with reality –  the fact that we are really here making our way into Africa’s highest peak. 

The first night in camp was pretty interesting; we had a 2 am giggle session between the 5 of us. Sue and I had to go the loo about 2 o’clock and with all those Colossus monkeys we were not sure if she would make it back. 

We will have more for you from the mountain in the next coming days so I hope you enjoy our dispatch, Asanti.

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