June 20, 2007 – North Carolina Fishing Stories at 13,600 ft.

Great weather and lots of snow on Kilimanjaro

It is about 6 in the evening on June 20th. The sun is getting low in the sky in the west and the light is getting beautiful on Kilimanjaro rising above us. It’s got a lot of snow on it this season and it is a really a beautiful sight. Believe it or not we are all already at 13,600 ft.. The staff just came and got me and said that dinner was on so I'm going over and join the rest of the team.                  

Deke on the trailWe arrived at this camp at 13,600 ft. relatively early this afternoon. Everybody seems to be doing very well, and they are hiking very strong, and then relaxing in the afternoon. I saw Deke calling his family back home in North Carolina and checking in for a bit, the rest of us have been sitting around.

Dennis, Jackie and I have had to hear a lot of North Carolina fishing stories this afternoon from Frank, Doc, and Deke and the whole crew from North Carolina but it is been fun hearing it and we walked outside the dining tent and we are reminded of all the African beauty  around us.

This climb is before us and of course soon the safari members will be joining us. We will be on our way and we will all be together and it will be a great time and I am really pleased on how well this group is adapting to the altitude. We will keep reporting each day and we just hope that the weather stays this nice; it is unbelievable right now.   

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