June 19, 2007 – Lots of Monkey Business and Giggling from the Girl's Tent!

CarolineYesterday we walked for about 3 hours through the beautiful old-growth African forest that begins at the Lemosho glades where our trek started. It was a really wild and beautiful experience, very green and lush, very soothing colors. The natural world around us was really welcome after all our travels. Now we are under way. There was a lot of crashing in the trees above us and we saw Blue monkeys and Colobus monkeys                         

Then we arrived at our first Berg Adventures camp and I can report that this group was very pleased that the Berg Adventures style of living on Kilimanjaro included being met on the trail just below camp by a joyous group of staff who were singing and dancing and welcoming the crew into camp.

JackieOur first night was very rough for me. I usually sleep really well on the first night out. It was a bit noisy though; everyone noticed that there was a great deal of monkey business going on in the forest around us and one of our members said that it sounded like a lot of monkeys out there and besides that there was a lot of noise from Jackie and Caroline’s tent. Those two had a lot to talk about, and a great deal of laughter and giggling came out of those conversations as well. This seemed to go on for a long time, but that didn’t stop me from sleeping well. The first night 's rest was the preparation we need for what we are doing today, which is actually a long hike all the way up to the Shira camp. 

Right now I am well over 10,500 feet and the group is just ahead of me on the trail and I am looking back to the west across the wonderful expense of Africa wildlife landscape. Beautiful, beautiful set. 

We keep reporting each day, as you can tell today, in case you haven’t noticed, the weather is perfectly clear.

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