June 22 – Back in Arusha

This is the Berg Adventures office with an update on the Berg Adventures Kilimanjaro climbers.  We received word that not all team members reached the summit as originally reported.  Cary Sibley arrived at the crater (18,700 ft / 5700 m) feeling the affects of high altitude.  An informed decision was made by our guides and staff to bring Cary to a lower elevation.  Cary had a guided descent to Barafu Camp at 15,200 ft (4630 m) where she began to feel better right away.  Cary rejoined the rest of the group as they made their way down from a successful summit day. 

All team members are now together and heading towards the Mweka Gate.  Today the group will be picked up at the Mweka Gate and will drive back to Arusha for a good night sleep and a great dinner before they begin their six day wildlife safari.  Stay tuned as we expect to hear from the group as they cross the wild African landscape.