June 18 – The Team Reaches Lava Tower Camp

Kilimanjaro from Lava Tower Camp

Today is Saturday June 18th and we have received word that the Kilimanjaro Team has reached Lava Tower Camp.  We have been sent two messages, one from a team member and the other from their lead guide Nicholas Minja.

Expedition lead guide Nicholas MinjaOur first message came from our lead guide Nicholas who called us from half way between Moir Camp and Lava Tower Camp.  He was very happy with the team’s progress and made a special note to say how happy everyone was.

Our second message came from a team member (who forgot to mention his name) who reported to us that today the team reached Lava Tower camp at 15,090 ft (4600 m).  He reported that they have been fortunate to have sunny weather during their climb, which has allowed for some spectacular views.  It was also mentioned that the team was making some great friends along the way and that everyone is having a wonderful time.  He also said that the leadership from the BAI staff has been excellent.

Tomorrow the team will ascend to Arrow Glacier Camp.  It sounds like the team is healthy, happy and enjoying every bit of their Kilimanjaro climb.